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About Us

WHO ARE WE? Simply put, a group of Engineers that operate and manage a worldwide buying group for overseas manufacturing. 

OPS America is your solution for outsourced engineering, manufacturing and infrastructure services overseas. Not a broker pointing you to a factory, not a trading company with limited expertise, and not a factory rep working for their limited factories. We bridge the engineering and expertise gap with on-site support both in the 150+ Asia contract manufacturing factories and your business. 

We have no contractual obligations to any particular factory or production facility. 

We are your advocate and resource with the purpose of supporting your manufacturing efforts in Asia. 

With full on-board technical support, communications and on-site quality assurance we help eliminate problems over there so they don’t arrive over here. 

From development to final delivery, think of us as an extension to your team built upon many years of experience, engineering and quality management knowledge helping you engineer and manufacture your products. In effect, by working with us, you’re adding over 35 people worldwide to your staff without any additional overhead. 

WHAT'S A BUYING GROUP? We work with over 100 companies to leverage the best service and quality at 150+ Asian manufacturing plants. We group similar capabilities into pre-inspected factories to increase economy of scale, giving you more buying strength and quality assurance. 

WHY OPS AMERICA? We work closely with several national, regional and state government agencies across the country to help U.S. companies stay competitive while managing the risks. Our success is defined by our clients’ satisfaction with the delivered product. Buying your business, shooting-from-the-hip and taking shortcuts only undermines and threatens the group leveraging model. 


Value added engineering: With our in-house Engineers we're experts at problem solving and making your product manufacturable overseas. 

Complexity made simple: The more components and manufacturing processes, the more you need overseas knowledge, management and engineering support. 

Significant Group purchasing leverage: We approach qualified facilities with several projects/clients to offer you the most reliable and efficient manufacturing. 

Access to utilize all resources of OPS: From manufacturing/engineering to freight consolidation and customs support, we are able to help our clients in a variety of ways. 

Local knowledge and experience: We are your feet on the street at the manufacturing sites to make sure your product is made to your specifications. 

Wide range of manufacturing technologies: From assembly to full scale product development and manufacturing, we're an extension of your capabilities so you don't have to rely on in-house staff to know international manufacturing. 

Locations: Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN with overseas offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Thailand. Other USA offices include Wisconsin and Arizona. 

We're paid when you save money: We are motivated to be as competitive as possible. Our fees are built-in to the quotation you receive. We believe if our company is of service to you, you'll naturally want to do business with us. 


1. "We never thought we were a large enough company to do manufacturing in Asia. We thought that everything had to be by the container load in order to get any attention. Working with OPS and their portfolio of companies has given us the cost advantage that we needed to survive"  President - Family owned Consumer Product Company

2. "Although we're a billion dollar plus revenue corporation with global manufacturing teams overseas, the added value that the OPS model gives us for engineering, management and manufacturing - not to mention additional capacity - is an absolute no-brainer. There are products we never would have been able to get to market because of capacity, complexity and/or manufacturability if it wasn't for OPS."  VP Operations & Engineering - Large Corporation

3. "To have access to these resources has allowed me to get a lot done, without the overhead costs associated with hiring my own staff"  VP Operations - Medical Device Company

 4. "When I started my overseas manufacturing initiative, I figured I'd need to hire 4 Engineers and an upper level executive for starters. That was at least a quarter of a million dollar investment with lots of risk. I was referred to OPS, visited the operations and infrastructure overseas and the decision was easy to go with OPS. It would have cost me millions to build what they've had in process since 1983.  President - OEM Product Development Company 

5.  "OPS coordinates the production of injection mold tooling for us. We ship the tools to our facility for production. We have grown our business because the up-front tooling costs for our customers has been slashed by at least 40%, this allows us a little more margin too."   VP Marketing - Injection Molding Company 

6. "As an independent state resource, I'm responsible for helping businesses not only survive, but thrive. Anytime I come across a company that needs strategic overseas manufacturing, engineering and management, I put them in touch with OPS. Their worldwide model has proven successful in helping companies of all size and maturity to maximize the overseas opportunities at low cost and risk."   State Economic Development Specialist 

7.  "Their ability to centrally engineer my multiple processes, manage several different factory resources, continually inspect/oversee and deliver quality at a good price is unmatched. Their Group Buying Model, IP protection processes, value added engineering and overall problem solving skills make their strategic approach superior to any other company I've worked with or seen " President - Consumer Electronics Manufacturer