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Case Studies


Client originally needed wire harnesses that withstood intense heat. We not only delivered harnesses but helped with engineering circuit boards, aluminum extrusions with improved chroming and better light casings; all more efficiently assembled into a complete end product. In this situation we manage 11 factories and keep control of proprietary engineering in-house. What started as a $10,000 line item savings turned into a potential $1.2 million bottom line reduction. Savings were reinvested into R&D and Sales. With 40% product cost savings, improved quality and more available internal resources, the company is now aggressively pursuing an industry leadership position.


Client needed additional capacity which we provided. But with our value-added engineering team, we not only reduced cost over 40%, but also created more effective packaging that allowed for new SKU's. This helped client create a new clearly defined "disposable" market as well as strengthening their existing high end market. Now client has higher sales, stronger margins, product consistency and the capacity to produce to the added demand.


Large multi-national OEM manufacturer (with existing China manufacturing) needed additional engineering, problem solving and overseas manufacturing to create a retail kit around their liquid products. We concepted several designs (both quantity and manufacturing process) and settled on a sewn bag. Client requested a vac-form custom tray in base of unit to hold bottles. Since point of contact was low on bottles, we suggested a fold down, die cut hole tray in middle of bag. We lined it with foam to protect against bottle label damage, velcroed it to sides and designed it to ship flat for maximum freight efficiencies. Our engineered tray was 50% less than the client driven vac form tray. Project hit mass retailer for holiday season with great success.


Company needed plastic tip for product that goes into kit. Not only did we deliver a 30% line item savings on the plastic tip but presented a more user-friendly, better engineered, lower cost complete kit at a 50% bottom line savings.


We've led several state, regional and federal trade missions to China. We work closely with state, regional and federal agencies to speak at conferences about how to utilize China engineering and manufacturing as an opportunity, as well as the pitfalls to avoid. In one trade mission, over the course of 4 days, we took the group to 20+ factories in 6 citi