Globally Engineering Your Overseas Manufacturing Success

OPS America - Globally Executed ... Locally Served


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Problem solving engineering and staff with broader capabilities, multiple capacities and expert management. This helps you  access exponential savings on your complete products overseas. A worldwide scalable platform for your companies' growth and success.


The machines are across the globe…the service is around the corner.


In our model, target projects include:


  •     Complex (Multiple Processes)
  •     OEM / Non commodity
  •     Labor Intensive
  •     High Quality
  •     Good Sales/Distribution
  •     Small/Med/High Volume
  •     Medium to High Technology  


                                                      Traditional Models



In traditional models, you don't have the expert support working on your behalf. In our model you have our engineering strength working for you in your best interests…not someone else's. Teamed together with our Group Buying Model you're able to leverage the factories with 35+ additional staff members working on your behalf so you can focus on core competencies, R & D and sales.